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Salvage Yard vs. Junk Yard vs. Wrecking Yard

The main difference between salvage yards, junkyards, and wrecking yards is what they keep on-site and how they dispose of scrap metals.

Salvage yards take old, unused, or broken automobiles, fix usable parts, and resell them for a fraction of the price of a new one. It’s the best technique to dispose of metal and lower pollution and carbon emissions. Salvage yards buy vehicles in any condition and any brand, which can be located across the whole country.

Whereas junkyards are where broken vehicles and trucks are piled up and stored. Some of the wrecked cars at junkyards contain parts that can be sold for scrap or repurposed for sale. They also buy cars regardless of condition, made, and brand.

Vehicles are dismantled to salvage pieces for reuse or recycling at a wrecking yard. Before crushing the car, wrecking yards remove any parts that can be sold, refurbished, or recycled.

To sum up, selling your car to a salvage yard makes more sense because the yard will profit from selling the parts. You won't gain as much from a junkyard or wrecking yard.

Benefits of Selling Your Car to Salvage & Junkyards

  • Pay in cash

    Selling your junk car to salvage yards is the ideal solution if you need immediate cash for an emergency or other cause. If you accept their offer and meet their conditions, they'll arrange everything and have your automobile towed and pay you the same day.

  • No bias

    They will likely accept your four-year-old Honda Civic with no engine or a 10-year-old van. No other repairs or fixes are required before buying. Once they have it, they can dismantle it for valuable parts to use or sell.

  • Quick deal

    Selling your junk car to salvage yards is convenient with USScrapYard where you can get an instant quotation. Fill out the car details on the website and a salvage yard near you will call and tow your vehicle for free. No more time wasted visiting the yards and you get cash for your junk van or pick up without having to leave your home.

How Much Do Salvage & Junkyards Pay For Cars?

The junkyard pays you based on your vehicle's brand, model, year, and condition. So, if you're selling a big SUV, you might get a better one compared to a small sedan.

Some places check the vehicle's condition. For example, a well-maintained car will get a higher price than a flooded or accident-damaged vehicle. Having a vehicle's title is a plus, however, they can accept it but pay far less.

In some cases, the final offer highly depends on your location. Finally, junkyards profit from selling your car's metal. So, if the scrap metal price rises, they'll pay you far more than if it falls.

  • How to Get the Most Cash When Selling Cars to Auto Salvage & Junk Yards

    Finding a reputable salvage yard near you can be daunting, but you must do your homework to avoid being ripped off. Follow the tips below to get the best deal possible:

  • Call Around For Quotes

    Calling several junkyards near you by phone or online for quotes is one approach to get the most out of an old car. Compare the rates and choose the best offers. Or simply sell your car to a junkyard near you through the USScrapYard website. Once you submit the information about your car online, we can make you an offer in minutes and pick up your car within 24-48 hours!

  • Inspect Any Additional Fees

    When junkyards quote their charges, they do not include tax or environmental costs; this can increase the price by up to 15% depending on your state or county's tax rate. So, always factor in taxes and environmental fees before committing to an offer you cannot afford.

  • Ensure The Car Is Received As Described

    Salvage yards accept any damaged autos, even those with severe damages or excessive mileage. However, you must describe your car's current state briefly, to get a defined price. If the car has trouble starting at times, make it clear. If they identify this condition on their own, they may cut the deal's price.

  • Work With A Reliable Junkyard

    Trust, accountability, and transparency are crucial when dealing with salvage yards. If you get a quote from an unreliable salvage yard, it won't deliver. Verify the salvage yard’s licensing, insurance, and bonds. Look for salvage yards and junkyards with positive reviews and testimonials on their website.

  • Cash On The Spot

    Before accepting the offer, inquire about payment procedures. Not understanding the payment process is the most prevalent way scammers exploit you. If they say more inspections are required before payment, find another business. It is suggested that you choose a salvage yard or junkyard that pays you at the spot


  • How can I find local car salvage yards in my city?

    The simplest approach to locate salvage yards that buy cars in your area is to conduct an online search. Luckily, you can request a free quote from USScrapYard. Simply enter the zip code and find salvage yards near you.

  • What do they do with junked cars?

    This will depend on the final destination. A scrap metal recycling facility will drain the fluids, crush them, and extract the metal. A salvage yard will empty the fluids and make the vehicle available for pick-up and removal. Numerous components will be reused and recycled.

  • What is the largest junkyard?

    French Lake Auto Parts, 60 miles west of Minneapolis, has been in business for almost 50 years. The scrapyard contains almost 100 acres of automobiles per day with cars from the 1920s in different makes and types.

  • How profitable are junkyards?

    Because the goods and services offered differ so greatly from one another, published business profitability figures cover a wide range. One owner reported monthly earnings as low as $1,000. Others report profits in six figures in larger, more crowded areas.

  • Do salvage yards negotiate the price?

    Standard items including doors, alternators, fenders, engines, transmissions, mirrors, etc., salvage yards have non-negotiable quoted pricing. However, if you are a regular client and buy many components, you can often ask for a discount.

  • Who offers the best prices for junk cars and trucks?

    The scrap metal market fluctuates regularly, leading to price changes. Call multiple Junkyards and compare offers. You may get a better deal in another state. USScrapYard can help you find top salvage and junkyards in your area, and they can offer fair market value for your vehicle regardless of its condition.

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