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Find Scrap Yard Near Me
How Do I Find a Scrap Yard Near Me?

How Do I Find a Scrap Yard Near Me?

If you have an old vehicle that is no longer used, or is damaged, wrecked, or totaled, selling it to a scrap yard for cash would be a sensible choice. The first step towards scrapping your car is to search “auto scrap yards or salvage yards near me" on Google and find the intended solutions.

Among these solutions, the quickest way to find a scrap yard near you is to use the service provided by USScrapYard. As a professional scrap yards finding agency based in the United States, we aim to help customers get rid of their old cars and locate auto scrap yards and junkyards near you faster. We have scrap yards and salvage yards partners in each state and dedicated workers to help you with your scrap.

With our powerful search engine, you just need to enter your ZIP code and in a minute, USScrapYard will show you the nearest car scrap yard that offers free pickup service with the best offer for your junk car.

If you're searching for "salvage yards and junkyards near me", or "cash for cars near me", you can also use the service provided by our website and get access to the solution you prefer.

Scrapyard My Car

How Do Scrap Yards Work?

The scrap yard is a place where people bring their old cars and other scrap metal items to be recycled or sold.

The process starts when someone brings in an item that they want to sell or get rid of. The worker at the scrap yard will weigh it and then give them a price for it based on what they think they can sell it for. If the person agrees, they will take it to be processed and then find out if they were right about how much it was worth.

If not, then the person can either choose to keep their item or give it back to the scrap yard for free. People who work at these places often have a lot of knowledge about what items are worth, so you don’t have to worry that your old car or broken vehicle will be devalued or underestimated.

The scrap yards we are working with are equipped with skilled workers and mature car purchasing systems. And we offer 100% guaranteed cash payment for your junk vehicles. Besides, the pickup and towing of your scrap is completely free. You just have to make a phone call to a scrap yard near you and we will have staff ready to serve you.

How Do I Sell My Car to A Scrap Yard Near Me?

If you want to sell your old vehicle to a scrap yard near you and get cash for your junk car, you just have to follow the steps and get paid in 48 hours!

Here’s the simple 3-step process to get cash for junk cars in any state:

  1. 1

    Fill out Car Information

    Please help us understand your car condition by entering your old car details via our online form or call (999)123456. Once we finish processing the given information, we will offer you the best price within 15 mins.

  2. 2

    Accept Our Offer

    If you like what we've offered, we can arrange a free junk car removal from the scrap yard nearest to you and have our staff contact you and communicate about the details.

  3. 3

    Get Cash On The Spot

    As we inspect your car and confirm everything, we will pay you cash right on the designated location and get your vehicle removed. We won’t charge you extra fees!

How Do I Sell My Car to A Scrap Yard Near Me?

How To Get the Best Scrap Price?

If you want to earn money for your old car or scrap, the best way is to sell it to a scrap yard near you that values your car. In order to sell your car at the best price, you need to be aware of the factors influencing your scrap price like:

  • The present market price
  • Location
  • Supply and demand
  • Quality and quantity of your scrap materials

You can find out the current market price of a junk car through the Internet. While Google can find many scrap yard websites with their selling examples, USScrapYard is a trusted professional scrap yard service provider in America that can find you the nearest scrap yards and provide the best price.

You can find a local scrap yard to sell your car or get an online quotation of your car without effort on USScrapYard. You just need to contact the scrap yards we find for you or fill out an online form about your vehicle to get offers.

Why Choose USScrapYard

  • Time Saving & Easy

    Time Saving & Easy

    Instead of touting your car to local scrap yards one by one, get an instant quotation from USScrapYard. Scrapping your car has never been easier: you just have to fill out a form on the Internet and wait for a scrap yard near you to grab your vehicle. Once we pick up your car for free, you will get cash for your junk car in 24-48 hours.

  • Guaranteed Offer

    Guaranteed Offer

    Our scrap yards accept vehicles in any condition and anywhere in the United States. We pay cash for any car regardless of their made, title, or location. We also guarantee instant offers once you submit your car details. And the amount you're given is the amount you'll be paid; there will be no reduction in the value of your car.

  • No Hidden Fees & Charges

    No Hidden Fees & Charges

    Nowadays many websites cheat customers into buying unnecessary service or get your pocket drained without you even noticing. However, everything is transparent on USScrapYard. From quotation to car removal, we don’t charge you a penny and make sure you get the exact amount you’re expecting.

  • Cash for Cars

    Cash for Cars

    We pay real cash for cars. Just find a scrap yard or salvage yard near you and sell your car for cash. Without delays and hassle procedures, USScrapYard pays cash for your car and you will receive money in your hand as soon as we tow your car.


  • What is USScrapYard?

    USScrapYard is designed to help people who want to sell their old vehicles to local scrap yards, salvage yards, or junk yards. Through this online platform, you can find the answers to “scrap yards near me”, salvage & junk yards near you, get quotations for your car, and sell your vehicles easily and quickly. We provide scrap yard service across the United States with connections in each state and major cities.

  • What is the difference between a scrap yard and a salvage yard?

    They have one thing in common: they buy old cars and pay you in cash. A scrap yard is a place where old cars, appliances, and other metal items are taken to be broken down for recycling, while a salvage yard is a place where salvaged vehicles and used auto parts are bought by people who want to repair or resell them. Salvage yards also specialize in selling auto parts like bumpers, radiators and wheels.

  • How do I scrap my car?

    You can find a scrap yard near you with USScrapYard and sell your old car for cash. Once you have found a scrap yard, call them and ask about their rates and policies. Make sure that you know what will happen to the car after it has been scrapped before agreeing to anything. You can also finish our online form to get offers for your junk car.

  • What do scrap yards buy?

    Scrap yards are recycling centers where people bring their old metal, glass, plastic and paper products to be sorted and sold. They buy a variety of things that can be recycled. The most common items include aluminum cans, scrap metal like copper wire and steel, old appliances such as refrigerators, old cars and more.

  • What do scrap yards do with cars?

    Scrap yards buy cars from individuals and other companies, and then dismantle them for the valuable materials that are inside. The scrap yard will then sell these materials to other companies who need them to make new products. For example, auto parts manufacturers will purchase metal from the scrap yard, and use it to create new car parts.

  • How many scrap yards are in the US?

    According to our databases, there are more than 11 thousand scrap yards in the United States. Some of them are registered, some not. So there might be more scrap yards than that.

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