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Trying to find a local junkyard that can purchase your old car at a fair price? Sell any used vehicle quickly with USScrapYard.

Find Salvage Yards Near Me
How to Find Junk Yards Near Me

How to Find Junk Yards Near Me

Having an old car that is damaged, wrecked, or just doesn't run properly can be a stressful experience. Watching the metal and rubber rot away in your driveway is pointless. Fortunately, you have the choice to sell your junk car to a junkyard or salvage yard for cash.

To find the nearest salvage or junk yard, all you need to do is run a quick Google search on "auto salvage yards near me." If you are concerned about finding a junk yard that is reliable and safe to contract with, then your best option is to use USScrapYard. The scrap yard agency can not only help you find the nearest scrap yard, but they also have a professional service team to help you sell the old car.

Enter your ZIP code into the search bar on USScrapYard, then the salvage yard finder will immediately show you a list of the nearest scrap yards based on your location and offer free pickup services to tow the car from your driveway.

Since USScrapYard has partners in every state across the United States, you can quickly find the answer to your “junk yards near me” query.

How Do I Sell My Car to A Scrap Yard Near Me?

USScrapYard requires accurate information about your car. Make sure you include the correct make, model, year of registration, and any other relevant information through our online platform.

  1. 1

    Fill out Car Information

    Please help us understand your car condition by entering your old car details via our online form. Once we finish processing the given information, we will offer you the best price within 15 mins.

  2. 2

    Receive an Offer

    Within 15 minutes, USScrapYard will follow up with an offer for your car. Once you are satisfied with the price being offered, you can accept the offer right away.

  3. 3

    Get Cash On The Spot

    USScrapYard will send a professional team to tow your car in 24-48 hours from anywhere around the US. As soon as your car is picked up, you will be paid on the spot.

How Do I Sell My Car to A Scrap Yard Near Me?

What Cars Do Salvage Yards & Junk Yards Near Me Buy?

Many salvage yards and junk cards have multiple conditions when purchasing a car. You might find it difficult to sell your car at a reasonable price to a junkyard, especially if there is any damage.

Luckily, you can rely on USScrapYards to purchase any car in any condition. Mechanical problems like seized engines, transmission failure, or electrical problems are not a challenge for USScrapYards. Even if you have missing parts such as the bumper or headlights, USScrapYards can still purchase the car from you.

Here are a few common cars that are purchased by junkyards:

  • Wrecked cars
  • Repaired cars
  • Cars with damaged parts
  • Car with faulty transmission

How Much Do Junkyards Pay For My Car?

To sell your car for a reasonable amount to the nearest junkyard, you should be aware of the current market price of your car. You can conduct a quick Google search to find “junk yards near me” or ask the local car buyers.

However, to get the most accurate quote for your junk car, you can refer to USScrapYard. All you need to do is fill out an online form about your vehicle details and get an offer for your car.

There are many factors that can influence the price of your scrap car. Remember to consider the following:

  • Current market price
  • Wreckage or damage
  • Your location
  • Make, model, and mileage
  • Supply and demand of the vehicle
  • Condition of your car

Why Find Junk & Salvage Yards Near Me with USScrapYard?

USScrapYard is amongst the top junk yards in the US with multiple years of experience in purchasing less-than-perfect vehicles. Here are a few reasons to use USScrapYard when selling your junk car:

  • Get Instant Cash

    Get Instant Cash

    Before you get your car towed away, it is important to remove all your personal items and keep them safe. Grab any insurance cards, paperwork, jewelry, and all other valuable items. Remember to check every pocket, under the seats, and in the trunk to make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

  • Any Conditions

    Any Conditions

    USScrapYard does not discriminate between vehicles. Regardless of the make, model, or mileage of your car, we provide a reasonable offer to buy the vehicle. With a complete transparency policy, USScrapYard ensures that you are paid the exact value of the car that is quoted on the initial offer.

  • Quick and Simple Process

    Quick and Simple Process

    Instead of going from junkyard to junkyard, you can contact USScrapYard for an instant quotation for your old car. All you need to do is fill out the digital form and a fair quote will be given for the car. Since USScrapYard has partnered with multiple local junk yards, you can wait for local staff to tow the car from your home

  • No Extra Fee

    No Extra Fee

    While other websites may add extra charges to your bill after giving you a quote, USScrapYard ensures that they don’t charge an extra cent. Every car is picked up completely free of cost, making it very easy to sell your car for cash with USScrapYard. Even getting a quotation for your vehicle is free, regardless of whether you decide to sell the car or not.


  • How can I find local car salvage yards in my city?

    To find local car salvage yards, all you need to do is search for your ZIP code on USScrapYard. The search engine will give you all the details about the nearest junkyards in your city.

  • Can auto salvage yards near me pay good prices?

    Yes, auto salvage yards finders like USScrapYard can help you find reliable salvage yards and ensure that you are paid a fair price for your old vehicle. Regardless of the car make and model, you can get a good price when selling your vehicle for cash.

  • Do salvage yards provide free pickup service?

    Yes, salvage yards recommended by USScrapYard provide free towing services right from your doorstep. No extra fees will be charged for car pickup regardless of your location.

  • How do I check junkyard open hours?

    You can check open hours for any junk yard on their website. If you are looking for a quick and simple solution, then USScrapYard can help you find your local junkyards and get a quick quotation for your old car.

  • What are some popular services for junkyards?

    Junkyards provide free quotations for any vehicle, offer a free pickup, and purchase your old car at a reasonable price.

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